Double your recruiting, Triple your retention,

Become the only game in town


The Journey To 360º Value Begins Here

THG HUB’s instant Business leverage will double your recruiting, triple your retention and make you the only game in town.

It’s time you get ‘unstuck’ and grow the business you’ve always wanted and become as successful as you deserve.

Are you...

 Tired of ending up in the same place year over year?

 Frustrated with the revolving door of recruits?

 Getting burnt out having to do EVERYTHING yourself?

IF you want to transform your business to one that maximizes your time and delivers compounding growth year after year

So you are...

Spending all your time doing what you love, what your naturally gifted at, and what impacts your business the most.

Hiring 10, 20, even 50 people a year.

Overdelivering on your promises and driving retention through a monopoly experience.


THG HUB is comprised on 10 unique leverage points that you can plug into at different times, different ways, and at different depths, based on the destination that your after.  THG HUB is fluid and nimble so as your business grows and evolve you’ll utilize the 10 leverage points in many different ways.

New Business Concierge

When a case is written, the hard work is not done, but handed off.  Our team of professionals work diligently to push cases through, saving time in every step, delivering a most efficient turnaround time.  All while you redeploy your recaptured time into additional revenue producing activities resulting in increased productivity.

Turn-key Training

We deliver our purpose-driven training platform as either a plug and play or customizable.  All levels of education are supported as well as targets programs to support individual business plans.  Leveraging THG HUB turn-key training will allow you to finally get ahead with time.

Customized Advisor Onboarding

THG HUB’s onboarding experience built to mirror the goals and values of the organization we support.  It’s fluid and customizable deliverables are targets at over-delivering on each and every promise made in the interview stage.  Off-loading advisor onboarding to THG HUB allows leaders to do more with less while maximizing achievement.

Sales Focused 
Case Consultation

Whether your client needs are singular or planning focused, THG HUB consultation team is ready to assist.  By offloading the construction of illustrations and plans, your advisors can reinvest more time in revenue producing activities and consistently increase the bottom line.

Flagship OneAmerica Partner Firm

Representing the top affiliation with The Companies of OneAmerica, THG HUB leverages many advantages that are passed through to our affiliates.  Health benefits, 401k, exclusive access to products, expedited service, top tier underwriting service just to name a few.  All while have full autonomy to write the business that you choose where you see fit.  This is a major competitive advantage that elevates recruiting and retention to new heights.

Expansive Product Platform

THG HUB’s expansive platform of offerings gives affiliates easy to manage outlets for all their client needs.  Full broker-dealer access, direct access to all fixed insurance and Property Casualty companies and much more.  No matter the needs of your clients, THG HUB has the conduit in place to satisfy their needs allowing advisors to truly be that one stop shop and compound the growth of their businesses.

Plug & Play Incentives

THG HUB offers turn-key incentives that can be both branded and customized to our affiliates.   These easy to implement tools and templates are proven to boost engagement, increase motivation and positively impact revenue.  

Nimble Culture Building Assets

Our proprietary culture building course, The Profit Culture Formula is available to all THG HUB affiliates.   Learn how to install and support a best in class intentional culture.  This program is proven to double your recruiting, triple your retention and make you the only game in town

Attentive Recruiting Support

Whether it’s’ sourcing candidates or assisting in the interview process, THG HUB has proven second to none in assisting leadership in scaling their growth by attracting new talent with consistently like never before.  Exponential growth is achieved with THG HUB’s leveraged recruiting resources.

Executive Business Coaching

   Enhance your leadership capacity with THG HUB’s executive business coaching.  Get access to coaching with a proven track record, real world experience and someone you can trust.  Become aware of your blind spots and create deep systemic change as you embark on personal growth that you’ve yet to experience in your career.  Grow your team and yourself with THG HUB leverage.

About The Founders Of THG

Jon Corteen

As the co-founder and CEO of THG HUB, Jon has a strong passion for the development and success of financial professionals. With his concrete belief that a strong culture is the foundation of growth, THG has become one of the fastest growing financial organizations in the Midwest.

His dedication to coaching financial professionals to enrich their practice development is reflected in strong client relationships and THG loyalty. His 26 years of experience, multiple industry awards and association involvement, have created a backdrop that fuels his motivation to help financial service teams capture compounding growth throughout the country.

Jon Rotter

As co-founder and President of THG HUB, Jon leads the firm's new business and recruiting. Through the firm’s unique culture and strategic differentiation, Jon is able to drive consistent growth year after year.

He has continually attracted both new and experienced financial professionals who seek to engage with systematic experiences of the firm. THG has received numerous awards from both industry organizations and individual companies, but its ultimate achievement lies in the loyalty of the people who call it home.

Jon graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor of arts degree in International Relations. He currently resides in Highland Park, spending his free time with his wife, Lindsay, daughters, Logan and Remi, and son, Hunter. He is also involved in many different sporting activities, including basketball and golf.